Here's What Our Client's Say About Their Experiences With Esther Sawyer CPA:

"Esther has done our taxes for years and we plan to continue for the following reasons: She is extremely knowledgeable about tax laws and stays up to date with changes; always available and responsive; performs a detailed evaluation and looks for missed items based on the individual situation; not critical and offers appropriate suggestions to prepare for the upcoming years; and lastly she is very kind and easy to speak with. If you're looking for a professional to assist with your taxes, whether individual or large-scale, I recommend you contact them."

"This is our second year having Esther Sawyer CPA, LLC prepare our taxes. Last year Esther helped us and this year Chris handled our tax preparations. They are both great to work with and answered all of our questions and handled everything quickly and efficiently. Both Esther and Chris are extremely knowledgeable and we trust them both and have recommended their services to others."

Terrina Driscoll - April 2018 - Five Star Review on Google:

"The year my husband and I went to Esther, we were a mess. We had just gotten married, he had just gotten out of the military and had started another job, I had a full time job, a direct sales business, I was teaching Zumba, I was in the Navy Reserve and we owned property and had renters. We were both at a complete loss. Esther took everything we had and got to work! The process was seamless on our end. She reached back when she needed something and kept us fully informed every set of the way. We are beyond satisfied and so thankful for her! Thank you Esther!"

"I have been doing business with Esther since 2006. She has helped me with IRS issues in the past. If you are looking for a person who is professional and understands your needs she is the person for you. I highly recommend her services. Her price is very affordable for all."

Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department, Edgewater MD Feb 2016 - Facebook Page Comment:

"The members of the Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Department would like to take a moment to not only publicly recognize, but send our sincerest Thank You to Esther Sawyer CPA, LLC. Ms. Sawyer went above and beyond to update 3 years worth of tax forms and create financial statements to prepare us for our pursuit of building our new facility. Her willingness to help us is immeasurable. Take a moment to visit her page and contact her for your personal accounting needs."

Jordan Toolsee - Mar 2014:

"Just wanted to let you know that Esther does an amazing job when it comes to taxes. This was the first year filing on my own and she walked me through step by step of what I needed to do and what she would be doing. She also made suggestions on future investments and such that I should consider. Thanks Esther for all your help."

"Ms. Sawyer is a consummate professional who takes the time to be customer-centric, methodical, and provide needed guidance so that ongoing taxes are better positioned with respect to income and investment picture. I've been a DIY Turbo Tax person for years, but now that I have Ms. Sawyer in my corner, I'm saying goodbye to Turbo Tax."

"I had some IRS issues a year ago and was referred to Esther. She retrieved my missing documents, then went through each one thoroughly to save me as much money as possible. I would highly recommend Esther for personal and business accounting needs. Esther is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. In a timely manner she resolved my issues, it was like a load off my shoulders, and one less thing to worry about. Thank you Esther

"Esther was great to work with. She took over our taxes after I could no longer stomach the poor service and excessive cost of the firm I used for the three years previous. Our taxes became more complicated, the prep cost went down, and the service went up. Whodathunk?! We were able to meet after normal business hours and do most of the prep work electronically, which made it much easier. She is thorough and very energetic. She even helped make sure we were withholding enough at midyear, so we would stay out of trouble. We will be back again this year."

"GRADE A Service!! Esther Sawyer CPA, LLC is the best. She not only listened to my concerns on what I didn't understand, but took the time to explain the best options for my needs. Her professionalism is top notch!! I am a client for life. Thanks a million, job well done."

Aldo Seren-Rosso - Nov 2015:

"In 2015, I received a letter that I was being assessed penalty & interest charges by the IRS due to an error I made on a prior year tax return for almost $30,000.00.The CPA that I had been using for many years advised me that "there was nothing that could be done and to just pay the bill". Since paying would have caused me and my family much hardship, I searched for another solution and then met Esther Sawyer, CPA. After talking with her, she advised me she thought I may qualify for a "reasonable cause" penalty abatement based on my circumstances, whereby the IRS may waive some or possibly all of the penalty & interest assessed. Esther wrote a letter to the IRS explaining my circumstances and after just a few weeks, the IRS responded stating they took away all of the penalty & interest! Since then, I now have Esther take care of all my tax needs; I'm a 100% satisfied customer and plan to stay with Esther for life!".

Keith Fowler, President and CEO, Climate Mechanical Systems, LLC - 2014 - Accounting & Tax Client:

"I have requested and used Esther Sawyer CPA and have been very happy and satisfied with Esther's knowledge of her accounting skills and professionalism of her trade. I would highly recommend her to anyone who owns a corporation or individuals to correctly process any type of accounting paperwork to the IRS and State Collection offices. Believe will be very satisfied with the quality of work performed and a sense of relaxation will occur knowing that Esther is on the Job and getting it done correctly and efficiently."

"I'm very glad we found Esther, she's honest, professional, experienced, and wonderful. An excellent tax accountant. She was the calm in a storm during a tax issue. Don't call those commercial tax firms that are only interested in how much of their exorbitant deposit you can pay, then treat you like a number, if you're in tax trouble, call Esther. My family benefits from her knowledge and expertise #shesawesome"

"Esther was able to make a dire situation manageable. She took control and dealt with the IRS lifting a huge weight from my shoulders. I owe her a debt of gratitude."

"Esther Sawyer was terrific!!!! I had used a tax preparer in the past and had such a bad experience that I swore to be a Turbo Tax girl from then on. Last year, 2015, we had such difficult tax issues come up there is no way that a little box of software and I would be able to navigate through everything. My searches & all the reviews kept bringing me to Esther. I emailed her and she was so prompt in getting back to me...I was impressed with the speed and how thorough she was. It certainly pays to have a professional do everything for you. I've already let her know I started a file for her to do the taxes next year too."

"Esther is awesome! My husband and I usually dread tax season because we always feel like we're forgetting something when it comes time to gather all our forms and receipts. When I called Esther to schedule our taxes she immediately emailed me a checklist of what forms to bring and what other expenses we should account for. This greatly put our minds at ease come appointment time! Esther is very efficient, and is easy to contact with any questions. I would highly recommend Esther for your tax needs!"

"I had a very complicated case with out of state S Corps and an in state LLC that was purchasing and renovating homes. Esther handled everything wonderfully. I couldn't be more happy and I'm certainly using her again."

"Ms. Esther has been preparing my taxes since 2005. She also has been preparing taxes for my business ever since 2010. Very professional, explains things in laymans terms to make sure you understand everything. I have recommended her to my family and friends from church. Esther Sawyer CPA, LLC is #1 !"

Matt McInnis - April 2018 - Five Star Review on Google:

"They were extremely helpful, professional, and friendly. We will be back next year. I highly recommend them."

Amy Gygax - April 2018 - Five Star Review on Google:

"Esther and Chris were fast, professional and great to work with. I will definitely continue working with them!"

Jacqueline S - April 2018 - Five Star Review on Yelp:

"The Sawyers have been preparing our taxes for many years.   They are professional, knowledgeable,  courteous and caring.  This year is no different from the many years we have been their client.  They call you directly to go over every detail.  They also recommend ways on improving the next year's taxes.  Even though, they have relocated to New Hampshire, they will always have our continued support.  Just a phone call, fax away.   Thank you Sawyers for another year of excellent service!"

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